Prior to 1981 principal trek gifts were donated by members. The 81 trek gifts were purchased by the club and financed by the use of INSTANT WINNER raffle tickets. Tony McDowell first headed up this fund raiser and you had to be in the saddle and on the trail in order to win you also had to be present in camp to win this insured that as many people as possible were in the saddle on the trail and on the ride. Through the years this was modified so that you just had to be on the ride in order to win. The “instant winners” and raffle package has proven to be a successful fund raiser that has allowed the organization to keep trek costs as low possible and continue to provide service in accordance with the high standards expected by riders.



Since 1984 the Las Tortugas Riders have raffled off a very special item at the conclusion of the annual Trek. A customized Model 1894 commemorative, engraved and medallioned Winchester Rifle is drawn as the grand prize.

1984                George Rach

1985                Paul Berger

1986                Paul Berger

1987                Cap Crowl

1988                Joey Cumia

1989                Jack Gall

1990                Marc Kennedy

1991                Bud Hinman                 Presented to Denny Vopat

1992                Keith Warren

1993                John Berg

1994                Greg Wahl

1995                Russ Martin

1996                Dan Seely

1997                Coy Love

1998                Marty Scalzo                Presented to John Holman

1999                Dave Tierney

2000                Coy Love

2001                Mark Geiser                 Presented to his dad Ken Geiser

2002                Mike Sokol

2003                Anthony Schrade          Presented to Jurgen Schrade 

2004                Ken Barker

2005                Jeff Kermode              

2006                Bob Wilks

2007                Paul VanderPutten

2008                Rik Matthews

2009                Paul Vanderputten        Presented to Dave Nath

2010                John Marshall

2011                Steve Wisneski, donated to his brother-in-law and sponsor Brent Chase

2012                Brian Leahy