1. As this is a cowboy Trail Ride Competition, all competitors are encouraged to wear proper cowboy attire consisting of long pants, boots, and a cowboy hat (or helmet).  The team with the most cows and fastest time wins  

2. Teams consisting of 2 riders will “sort-out” as many cattle as possible within a 2-minute time limit. The sorting will be done in ascending sequential order from a herd of (10) numbered cattle’ For example, a team receiving a number “3” will go to the herd, cut out the number “3” cow, return to herd and cut out the number “4”, then “5”, “6” etc.……. ending with the number “2” cow across the line.

 A team with a DQ in either go will be penalized one cow from their total score.  Example:  A team gets 10 head in their 1st go and DQ’s in their 2nd go, their total score would be 9 head

3. Time begins when the nose of the first horse crosses the gate and the judge drops the flag. The designated starting cattle number will be announced immediately after the flag drops.

(Whole Cow) This means the whole cow must be across the line before time runs out to count.  Vice versa the whole cow must come back across the line to be considered a DQ.  If a “dirty cow” a cow out of sequence, is turned back before the whole cow crosses the line - this would not be considered a DQ.  Timers & flaggers decisions are final.

4. A cow is considered sorted when the whole cow is completely across the gate. If the sorted whole cow passes back through the gate, the team will receive a no time and no credit for cattle sorted. 

5. Each team has a 2-minute limit per round. Each team will be allowed two (2) “goes” In the event of a tie, the winning team will be the team with the fastest time on the first cow out of the herd in the first go round. All competing teams will be timed and recorded on their first cow out of the herd in the first go! If a team DQs before they get their first cow out it will be considered a no time. 

6. Second goes will be in reverse order from the first go. 

7. Any contact with cattle by hands, hats, boots, ropes, or any other equipment is a disqualification. A team will be disqualified for flagrant roughing of cattle. This is a contest for working horses and cowboys, thus the horse must work the animal. No other intentionalcontact is allowed.

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