Over the years the number of our permanent members has grown from 40 to 50 to 60. Each member, in concept, brings a guest and the ride is geared to handle about 120 men.

As you can imagine it is no small project to accommodate, feed, entertain, and generally fix out this many people. To put on a successful ride requires hard work, dedication, planning organizing, and the volunteering of lots of time by many individuals. It is just another example of the character of our ride members and guests that each ride has enjoyed contributions from all levels of memberships of the time and efforts required.

While the organization has a Board of Directors, the real strength of the ride lies with its membership and their willingness to pitch in. This is not to diminish the role of the Board, for without such a body the membership contributions would be squandered and ill used.

The Board consists of a President and 8 Directors elected by the membership.


1976 1981 Ace Bowen

1981 - 1988 Cap Crowl

1988 1989 Keith Card

1989 1990 Richard Zodnick

1990 1992 Marc Kennedy

1992 1994 Keith Card

1994 1996 John Holman

1996 1997 Jim Woodring

1997 1999 Sam Allevato

1999 - 2000 Jim Woodring

2000 2001 Coy Love

2001 2002 Monty Clifton

2002 2003 Monty Clifton

2003 2004 Don Garrison

2004 2005 Don Garrison

2005 2006 Joel Vath

2006 2007 Joel Vath

2007 - 2008 Pat Pearson

2008 2009 Pat Pearson

2009 2010 Tony McDowell

2010 2011 Tony McDowell

2011 2012 Lincoln Eramo

Board Members: Those that have given their time, energy and served

Tom Terry John Hays Dave Nath

Coy Love Bruce Sharp Joey Cumia

Gary Bisel Ray Bishoff Keith Warren

Don Garrison Bill Ewing Brian Leahy

Wayne Copeland Bob Wellott John Lundell

Tom Coughlin Jim Lohrman Paul Berger

Charlie Miller Dean Hunsdorfer Russ Martin

Mike Davey Ed Lewis Jim Coughlin

Monty Clifton Jim Conter Don Jacobs

Cliff Geddis Jeff Carter Sam Allevato

Paul Vanderputten Scott Crawford Joel Vath

Ramiro Lujan Monty Clifton Tony McDowell

Pat Pearson Dave Daneshmand Roger France

Tom Geisz Link Eramo Brent Chase

Marc Hedgpeth